Sunday, August 28, 2016

WW 1

28 Aug 2016
Ref: Legion Magazine, Timeline [A fold out]
    Somme offensive 1 - 13 July 1916
  "Despite 107,070 British and French casualties, the first
 two weeks of the Somme offensive, known as the
Battle of Albert, succeeds in drawing German Reserves and
ammunition away from Verdun
14 July to 7 August  4 more Battles listed
Sept. 1916
    Canadian troops moved from positions near Ypres,
begin arriving at the Somme battlefields.
for more on the Nfld Reg't, Beaumont-Hamel and the
Battle of the Somme go to
From Legion Magazine foldout "Diary of War"
  3 Sept 1916 - The Canadian Corps takes over
a 3,000 Meter Section of the front Pozieres Ridge
on the Somme
  15 Sept 1916 - Canadians launch their first attack on
the Somme at Flers - Courcelette. Tanks are used for
the first time, but 3 get stuck and 1 breaks down,
of the 6 attached to the Canadians.
Next will continue with Goulbourn Settlers, Letter M.

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