Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goulbourn Settlement

19 Jan 2016
Surnames A. Those with little settlement data.
Abraham, James. 1820 Census only
Adams, Robert.   Con. 5, Lot 14E  18 Aug 1828
   In 1842 Census Goulbourn since 1827.  b. Ire.
Alexander, Thomas
   In 1842 Census Goulbourn since 1828. Possibly in
   Grenville Dist, Oxford Twp. 1851 C. p48d,49a (149)
Allan, Patrick.
   In 1842 Census.  In province since 1835
   1852 Census Goulbourn, age 65; Farmer, b.Ire, Rel. RC
Anderson, Donald.  Con. 4, Lot 2E  10 Jun 1828
   1842 Census. In Province since 1819
   1852 Census, age 65, Lanark Co. Beckwith Twp.
          p.1a, (37). Also Brant Co. Dumphries Twp. age 80???
Annable, Hiram  Con. 11, Lot 8S   18 Aug 1836
   1852 Census, age 47. Stormount Co. Cornwall Twp. 
             p17d,18a, (35)_
Arbuckle, ??  b. Tyrone, Ire, C of E. Fitzroy Twp. age 40??
Ardell, Thomas  age 36. Carleton Co. Fitzroy Twp.
     1852 Census p21d, 22a, (43)
Arkleys, Joseph.   No data
Armstrong, John.  Con. 2, Lot 24     (1861 census)?
     1842 Census. In province since 1834
     1852 Census. age 75, Carleton Co. Huntley Twp. p10d,11a(21)
Arthur, James    No data

Above data taken from publications held by Ottawa Branch,
Ontario Genealogical Soc. held in Ottawa City Archives
located on the corner of Woodroffe Ave &Tallwood Dr.
Also in Goulbourn Historical Soc. files located
in Stittsville Library. Also the Goulbourn Museum located
at Stanley's Corners is involved. especially soldiers of
the 100th Regiment of Foot who settled in Goulbourn Twp.

Next month I will deal with settlers with surnames B

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