Monday, January 11, 2016

Goulbourn Settlement

11 Jan 2016

Your Money [new subject]
Hydro Bills [starting in Jan]
  Remove 10% discount Ont. Clean Energy Benefit +$8.50
  Remove Debt Retirement Charge [both estimates]  -$3.00
Net increase in monthly Payment   +$5.50/month

Old Age Security [received when over 65 years old]
December 2015        $569.95
Jan-Mar 2016           $570.52
Increase per month    $0.57  Don't spend it all in one place??

CPP and Government Pensions
To increase for 2016  1.3%  Paid 3rd last banking day in month.

1 Jan 1916
  Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden announced
Country's goal to place 500,000 men in uniform. Canada's
population at that time was about 8 Million persons.
8 Jan 1916
  Last allied troops begin to withdraw from the
Gallipoli Peninsula
   Ref; Legion Magazine Jan-Feb 2016 pages 23-33
    "90 years young"

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