Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Concerning Concession of Goulbourn Twp.

Concession A lists all persons whose surnames start with letter 'A', and so on thru the alphabet.
W 1/2 signifies those from a military Regiment
E 1/2 signifies settlers [not many listed here]
Settlement of Goulbourn Twp started in fall of 1818 when soldiers of the 99th/100th settled in the
concessions and in village of Richmond [FYI, the 100th Reg't was renumbered the 99th Reg't in Feb 1816 as a result of the 95th Reg't being removed from Reg'ts of the line and forming the Rifle Brigade with the 5th Batt'n of the 60th Regt. My gr gr grandfather Joseph Stanzel was in the 5th Batt'n and settled in Goulbourn Twp in May 1819]

Lockstation A, etc 

As above except the surnames are those who worked on Rideau Canal or lived in Bytown.
I have not added to this listing due to the War of 1812 breaking out [May 2012]

All persons mentioned are Pioneers in present day Ottawa area from 1800 to about 1850

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