Tuesday, May 8, 2012

99th/100th Reg Data

Understanding my latest post 'Attestation 100th/99th Regiment' This is my 1st attempt at this and I used the incorrect list. Will try and replace. [Done 18 May]
The post is like a sandwich where the meat of the post is in the middle.

The first part is a list of officers taken from two books
1. Roberts - For King and Canada; and
2 Graves - Redcoats and Grey Jackets [about the battle of Chippawa]

Middle part is;
The attestation is taken from microfilm number B 5509 located at LAC on Wellington St in Ottawa and indicates date attested, age when attested and where born.
An * after the surname indicates a Goulbourn Settler
A Note indicated additional info on document. Info is on pages 132-153 of  the microfilm
H-166 info is a copy at Goulbourn Museum of B5509  on pages 1-95

Last part is data for other ranks from same books as mentioned in part one

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