Monday, January 1, 2018

Settlement Bytown/Ottawa 1818

1 Jan 2018

Two hundred years ago,  in a few months, settlement started in present day [2018]
Ottawa. The Richmond Military Settlement settled 181 ex-soldiers and civilians
for a total of about 454 settlers. It took about 3+ years to complete the terms of
settlement. My info leads me to believe that many of those settlers left soon
after settling. Where did they go??. Records available give some info an the
settlers who stayed.
(A list of soldiers who settled can be found by going back in this blog to the year
2015 and civilians to the years 2016/7. Both lists have the surnames in alpha order)
More info later.
Jim Stanzell

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Lorraine said...

Looks like I found your site just in time. Wow...two hundred years ago.

I'm a "newbie" to the genealogy culture and was so pleased to find your blog about the Richmond Military Settlement.
I did find my Great-great Grandfathers name listed, Jeremiah Byrnes, who moved on to Golbourne to farm in the Stanley Corner's area. His son Andrew was my Great Grandfather.

I look forward to gleaning any bits of information about these early settlers, as well as discovering more of the history of this settlement.