Wednesday, November 16, 2016

General Census Info [New]

Automated Genealogy Website
16 Nov 2016
  This site contains a number of indexed Census which could
be valuable to ones search for their ancestors.
1842 Census Canada West LAC website
1842 Census Canada East
1852 Census of the provinces of Canada
  Canada East (Quebec) population 840,000
  Canada West (Ontario) population 952,000
1901 Census of Canada, Index 5,665,421
  Less Nfld. Sask. and Alta.
1906 North West Provinces [now part of Canada]
   Alta. 197,570
   Man. 371,945, and
   Sask. 269,169
Total 802,371. 99.2% completed
1911 Census of Canada
  All except Nfld.  7,584,279

The census for 1921 is available on
Also available are;
1871 Census. OGS has published
 a book for each County. Copies at Ottawa City Archives.
1881 Census available on
Also a printed copy of Goulbourn Twp and
Richmond Village for 1861 and 1891 Census'
available in Ottawa Branch, OGS Library at
Ottawa City Archives, done by yours truly..

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