Friday, April 22, 2016


22 April 2016

9 March 1916
  Germany declares war on Portugal
22 March 1916
  The NFLD Reg't is moved to France in preparation
for the massive Somme offensive.
27 March 1916
  3rd British Division attacks St. Eloi salient,
south of Ypres, Belgium.
4 April 1916
  Canadians relieve exhausted British Forces in
front of St. Eloi, Belgium.
7 April 1916
  Amid the mud and craters of St. Eloi, Canadian
losses between March and mid-April are
nearly 1,400
19 April 1916
  The Germans force the Canadians out of
Craters 6 and 7 at St. Eloi

Note. The above info and similar which have appeared
           before this date are from an insert to 'The Legion'
           Magazine entitled 'Canada and the Great War'--
           The Battles. Lists the 'Battles' and also a large map
            of France, Belgium etc. A very detailed account of
           casualties and a timeline of the Battles. ie.
           April 1915  Ypres
           May-June 1915 Festubert and Givenchy
           March-June 1916 St. Eloi Craters and Mount Sorrel

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