Monday, November 3, 2014

War of 1812

51 Days to go to 24 Dec 1814
War of 1812
The war is winding down in Canada but we will hear from Orleans and Waterloo in the near future.

The 100th will be renumbered the 99th in Feb 1816 but will be referred to, locally,
 as the 100th Reg't.

Oct-Nov 1914
First battle of Ypres
Germany fails to reach the English Channel.
"Two large armies are deadlocked along a 600 mile front. For four years there is little change and
the toll in human casualties grows. By 1917 every continent and all the oceans of the world
are involved.   Ref;

NOTE;    There is a very interesting insert in the Nov/Dec issue of the Legion Magazine.  The
8 page foldout lists a timeline of battles on one side and a map of Europe on the other side.
Also on both sides are little bits of info and so much that the whole of both sides is in English.

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