Thursday, August 16, 2012

War of 1812

Two months on

Walking with Joseph  - in Europe

11 Aug 1812  Napoleon and the Grand Army leave Vitebsk where it has been since 29 July 1812
12 Aug 1812  Wellington enters Madrid
17 Aug 1812  Napoleon involved in Battle of Smolensk, Russia
25 Aug 1812  Grand Army leaves Smolensk going east towards Moscow

Walking with Andrew  - in Upper and Lower Canada

I recently accessed the Pay and Muster lists for the 100th Regiment, 25 Sept - 24 Dec 1812 at the Goulbourn Museum. The regiment is still headquartered at Chambly, LC. This list identified soldiers, some of whom drowned, died and deserted etc. [The paymaster would need to know this about each soldier] The list contains 557 privates.

14 Aug 1812  Brock and Tecumseh meet at Fort Amherstburg
15 Aug 1812  Unpleasant actions at Fort Dearborn [Chicago]
16 Aug 1812 Brock crosses over to Detroit and after a short engagement General Hall surrenders Fort Detroit [ One of the soldiers killed in this engagement was Lt. Porter Hanks,who a short time ago, surrendered Fort Mackinac to the British.

8 Aug 1812  Prevost - Dearborn agreed to an Armistice which would end on 4 Sept 1812. They had learned that the Orders-in Council which restricted ocean shipping had been repealed by a new British Government

A point of interest. Three of the principles about whom I am writting were all born in the same year.
1769 -Napoleon; Duke of Wellington, Sir Arthur Wellseley and Major General Sir Isaac Brock.

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