Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Goulbourn Township

Settlement started about 9 Sept 1818. I have listed the soldiers who settled on this blog post starting 15 Jan. 2015 (Go back in this blog) There are 181 soldiers and the alpha list ends in Nov. 2015. Next starting in Jan 2016 I entered in alpha order the civilians who settled.There are 273 settlers for a total of 454 Settlers. I have made a chart of these settlers and a copy is in Goulbourn Museum. Also made a chart for the settlers of the town of Richmond. In the town of Richmond there are 19 one Acre lots between Perth St on the north and Ottawa street on the south. North/South streets are Queen St. on the West and King St. on the East. There are 120 10 Acre lots which ring around the town, 40 lots on the north and south and 20 lots on the east and west. A present day map of Richmond does not show these lots. I have a list of land transactions (mostly land sales) in a series of 5 books called Carleton County Copy Books covering up to early 1847 at which time land records were recorded in a book for each township. These books have been sent to toronto but I made a copy of Book 1, Memorial 1-80 and part of book to about Memorial 200. There is an Index for Books 1 to 4, name and Memorial Number only, and I transcribed book 5 and a copy is on Ottawa Branch, OGS computer in City of Ottawa Archives. I believe that most places are closed to visitors. I will be posting more info later and if anyone has any questions, send me an email 16 Sept 2020

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Ottawa at 200 years and on

6 June 2019.

Today has a lot of History.
Today is known as D-Day the beginning of the end to WW11.
There is lots of info on TV and I will not detail any.
Also, in today's Ottawa Citizen there is a full page add [page A5] informing
readers that today is the 100th Anniversary of creating the CN railway.
I grew up with this railway in Capreol, Ont., a terminal of the railway
where the lines from Toronto and Ottawa/Montreal joined on their way
to Vancouver.

There are three  sons of early settlers who left when the were 'grown-up'
They went to Brant Twp/Bruce County and took land just south of
 Owen Sound.
William James Garland, born 1826 in Carleton County settled
Lots 20 and 21 Concession A
George Keys [In 1901 Census  listed as born 1 March 1826,
 Line 9, Fam 31, A4, page 4, Bruce Co., Brant Twp.]
settled Lots 23 and 23 just north of Wm. Garland's lots

I found the above two settlers when looking in book 1. below.
1. History of Brant Twp. 1854-1979, page 133-134
2. Early History of Eden Grove and Vicinity.
  On page 85 there is a settler in my extended  family,
Joseph Stansal.   He settled in Brant Twp. Con.A, Lot 25,
which is only a few lots north of Wm. and George. So they probably knew
each other. Joseph's surname was mis-spelled by the clerk who   recorded
land transactions. The long and short of this that Joseph adopted this name
and that family still lives with that name.  More later
Jim Stanzell

Monday, June 3, 2019

Ottawa at 200 years an on

3 June 2019

I wish to list the details of the 100th and 99th Regiments, settlers of Richmond.
 Most of this will be known and I'll detail;
The 100th regiment was raised in Ireland in 1804 and sailed to Canada in 1805.
Was involved in the war of 1812.
The 95th Regiment and a part of the 60th regiment were moved into the Rifle Brigade
The powers that be, Horse Guards, did not like a gap in  regiment numbering.
So the old 96th became the 95th and so on. the 100th became the 99th Regiment.
This happened in February 1816. Anyways most of these regiments would soon
be disbanded. There is a web site which lists this info and much more.
Web site is
One of the items is 'Re-numbering regiments in 1816'. A good read.
This may be a better website.

Next, I have info on three settlers in Brant Twp/Bruce County. They are sons of
original settlers in Richmond Military Settlement who moved after 1850.
One is in my extended family and the other two are William James Garland,
b. 1826 and George Keys, a cousin of W.J. Garland
Jim Stanzell

Friday, May 24, 2019

Ottawa at 200 years and on

24 May 2019

To-day is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. She became the Queen of England
in 1837/8 and reigned until her death in 1901. PBS had a series of her early life awhile ago.

Other events of 200 yrs ago or older.

My ancestor Joseph Stanzel settled in Goulbourn Twp.  with his first wife and son John.
They settled on Con. 9, Lot 3. Spent the rest of his life there.

The initial settlers of Goulbourn and Richmond were welcoming spring having just spent
their first winter as settlers. By my count there were 454 families, 181 of which were
previously soldiers, mainly from the 100th/99th Regiment.
Info on the Richmond Military Settlement can be searched in the pub 'Carleton Saga'
by Harry and Olive Walker [my copy is the second printing 1971].
[starting on page 50, preliminary info. on the settlement.]
The info, chapter 5, Heart-break Journey, page 52  details their  settlement.
I have listed the 454 settlers in my blog, here, previously, the soldiers in alpha order
in 2015 and the settlers in 2016 and part of 2017. I am leaning towards listing  info on
those who left, mainly the soldiers. But I have recently noted that the oldest children
of the settler were unable to obtain land when they were ready so they also left.
My next post I will explain the 100th/99th situation and the whereabouts of the
two oldest sons of my ancestor. One never knows what one will find??
Jim Stanzell      [I corrected some errors Sunday  26 May]

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Stanzel Family Tree

2 February 2019

This post is the last quoting from the article from a Stansal family member.
His name is Orin Chester Stansal  born 4 November 1898. He lived in
Kelowna BC and is of the same generation as my father,  I quote;

'When I was twelve yrs old, we moved from Eden Grove, Ont. in 1910 to
Balgonie Sask. My mother passed away 23 Jan. 1937 and my father passed
away 6 Jan. 1946. Both are buried in North Glendale Cemetery. I married
Frances Louise Cruse on 18 Sept. 1918 in Lloydminster, Alta. She was born
16 April 1897. We had six daughters, Verna, Pearl, Dorothy, Mona, Lorraine
and Marjorie, and one son, Clifford. All were  born in Sask. Your grandfather,
Raymond Clifford Stansal was born 22 May 1921. He married Mavis Checkley
who was born in Ottawa 25 March 1925. they were married in Ottawa on
17 April 1943. your grandmother passed away  on 29 March 1959 and was
buried here in the Kelowna Cemetery.
  I am writing this on my 80th birthday and feel very thankful to my Creator
for the strength and health that I have, and look forward to shaking your hand
again, if not in this life, in the wonderful world to come, where there will be
no more sickness, pain, sorrow or death'

Written on the 4 November 1978   Stansal,s are a branch of the Stanzel family.

Next posts will deal with settlers in  Goulbourn Twp. and info taken from the
Carleton County Copy Books held at Ottawa City Archives.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Stanzel Family Tree

29 January 2019

   'Now this is where the name change comes in. The registrar said that there was no
one by the name of Stanzel registered in the books, but there was another
gentleman by the name of Stansal who had made an application three years previous.
A heated argument ensued, and the results were that if he wanted to assume the
name of Joseph Stansal, he could prove up then and there. If not, he would have to
return to the farm for another three years and come back again.   [Think about this??]
He assumed the name Stansal.'  [This branch of the family still use this surname]
[Joseph Stansal is the grandfather of the author of the original copy]
'I rather doubt he was all gentlemanly when he talked to the land register officer.
 He moved to Paisley for a number of years before he died in 1908. He is buried
in the Douglas Hill Cemetery at Eden Grove, ON. His oldest son Joseph, [father
of the author] was born in 1853, married a lady by the name of Martha Turner in
1880 and bought a farm just east of  his fathers farm on Elora Road. The author
was born there on 11 April 1898. The author has five brothers and four sisters, all
older than author. All are deceased except Joseph and Sadie, the author is the

This story will be completed with the next post; then

I hope to walk thru the soldier  who took land and settled. I believe
that the majority of the soldiers moved away. There is a group of books,
'Carleton County Copy Books' which deal with land settlement which I
will use. They [5] are in the Ottawa City Archives and all are indexed.
Jim Stanzell

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Stanzel Family Tree

Continued from 22 January 2019

  Joseph's second wife was Ann Eynouf, a herbalist and a widow of
Stephen Eynouf. Herbalists were quite common in those days, with
no doctors or druggists around. The women were also well versed in
childbirth. The old gentleman, born in 1888, died on 9 Feb 1884,
age 96 years old and was buried on the homestead alongside his
first wife Sarah who died at age of 42 yrs. His second wife was also
buried there when she passed away. His son Joseph, born 1822,
moved to southwestern Ontario to a place called Exeter, north-west
of London. There he met a young lady, Jane Campbell born in 1822.
they married in 1850 and they moved to a place called Cargill, Ont.
He filled out an application in Toronto for his homestead which was
about a mile north of Cargill. They spent about three years completing
the terms of settlement. They went back to Toronto with two witnesses
to say they completed the terms of settlement requirement.
  So now a problem with the name occurs!
To be continued later    Jim St

Also  Four months today is an important 200th Anniversary